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Speedometer Kit Instructions

Fig. 1 (Materials Used)

Step 1
Remove your speedometer from your R6. Make sure you have the proper materials to complete the job. These materials include: Rubbing Alcohol, Flat Razor Blade and a Exacto or Utility knife.

Fig. 2

Step 2 (Optional)
To give your installation a cleaner look: Remove the white letters on your speedometer. This is not necessary, but if it is not done, there will be a bump in the material after the installation caused by the white letters. To remove them simply shave them off with a flat razor blade.

Fig. 3

Step 3
Use rubbing alcohol to wet the surface before applying each piece. It is easiest to pour a little alcohol into the cap a use your finger to rub the alcohol on the surface of the speedometer. This will allow to position and center each piece on your speedometer.
Once the piece is in the right position press down and allow a few minutes to dry.

Fig. 4

Step 4
Gently remove each piece off the wax paper and apply to your speedometer. Make sure the surface is still wet from the alcohol. Be careful it is very easy to bend or wrinkle the material.

Fig. 5

Step 5
Continue to wet the surface of the speedometer and apply each piece. When finished re-install your speedometer and enjoy your new look!